Flambeau Gunning Series

No longer will your decoys be washed away with the current.

Flambeau Outdoors is one of the biggest names in the decoy game, thanks to their consistently real-looking products. While they’ve already cemented their position at the top of the market, they continue to make improvements.

The new Flambeau Gunning Series looks to provide duck decoys that float better in the water than any other.

Using a design based on carvings by master carver Tom Christie and new proprietary composite construction, these mallard decoys are designed to be more quiet and resilient in rough conditions.

Flambeau Gunning Series

They use Flambeau’s Keel Design, a rounded hull with a low-profile blade keel that has insert weights made of stainless steel. The design makes the decoys behave like live ducks, even if the water is only inches deep.

Using this decoy design, they move independently with little to no drag. The curvature within the ducks’ overall shape pushes water down and away so they can ride over waves and stronger currents. And, weight distribution will help them auto-correct to a forward direction when pushed around.

Flambeau Gunning Series

The Gunner Series decoys also use Flambeau’s UVision technology, which gives the feathers a realistic ultraviolet sheen to convince birds to make the move.

The decoys come in a six-piece set, with the option of foam-filled decoys. The six-pack includes the Upright Swimmer Drake, the Preener Drake, the Low-Head Relaxed Drake, the Surface Feeder Drake, the Upright Swimmer Hen and the Surface Feeder Hen.

Flambeau makes a wide variety of other hunting products, too, including turkey decoys, goose decoys

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the Gunner decoys at SHOT Show 2019, be sure to check out FlambeauOutdoors.com.



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