FixTech Fix15 Bonds Underwater and is PaintableWhether below the waterline or undercarriage, Fix15 delivers massive holding strength. FixTech’s founding product, it’s a high-quality, single-component adhesive sealant that bonds underwater and is paintable. Ideal for marine and RV applications, it’s the one all-around product that every OEM and DIYer has a need for.

Fix15 uses an MS Polymer® base, so it’s chemically neutral and has high bond strength on a wide range of substrates without the need for a primer. It’s suitable for sheet, carbon and stainless steel; aluminum, fiberglass, composite, glass, non-oily wood, mirrors, PVC, rubber and PU foam. A flexible elastic rubber, it accommodates up 20% movement, making it ideal for low motion applications. Waterproof, it’s UV, heat and age-resistant, and colorfast, so the white won’t yellow and the black won’t gray.

Easy to apply, Fix15 has a 15–30-minute working time, is tack-free in four hours and fully cured in 24 hours. It adheres best to a clean, dry and abraded surface. It tools with a mild, diluted soapy solution and cleans up with methylated spirits or industrial alcohol before curing. It has a low flame spread and toxicity rating. Fix15 has a 15-month shelf life and is available in 9.8 fl. oz. cartridges and 20.2 fl. oz. foil bags, and costs $6.07 and $11.40, respectively.

Contact FixTech, 8951 Cypress Waters Blvd., Ste. 160, Dallas, TX 75019. 713-265-7077.;

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