Filson x Ducks Unlimited

This unique new line of Filson Ducks Unlimited luggage is now available.

Two commendable companies are continuing their relationship to offer up some impressive apparel and travel bags.

The new Filson Ducks Unlimited luggage and apparel pieces are an expansion of a partnership the began last year and their accompanying product collection has now grown to include both men’s and women’s line of gear.

“Filson is committed to supporting organizations like Ducks Unlimited that advocate for the protection of wildlife and the preservation of natural habitats,” said Doug Thielen, Director of Marketing at Filson. “Following the success of the initial Ducks Unlimited collection, we’re excited to add new products to the line as part of our ongoing DU partnership supporting waterfowl conservation efforts nationwide.”

This bodes well for the acclaimed waterfowl conservation organization and its members. Filson takes pride in getting behind outdoor groups and supporting what it is that they do for hunters and outdoorsmen everywhere.

Conversely, Ducks Unlimited is more than happy to have a relationship with Filson, exemplified by Managing Director of Corporate Relations Jim Alexander: “We are equally proud of the success of the first product launch this past Fall. We are looking forward to building on our success in 2020 and enhancing our co-branded product collection by offering these new items.”

New Filson x Ducks Unlimited Products

Filson Ducks Unlimited
Filson x Ducks Unlimited

Filson now offers some great new products under the vaunted Ducks Unlimited name including the Dryden briefcase, duffle pack and medium duffle bag, travel pack, backpack, and the even the Dryden 2-wheel carry on bag.

But there’s even more with the DU brand including some great clothing such as t-shirts, polo shirts, a logger’s cap, fleece jacket, and even a Ducks Unlimited waterfowl blanket.

The luggage comes win mainly the dry grass patterns while some of the other gear is in the otter green and hunter green style. The luggage is built from abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon and is reinforced with double layer of fabric and bridle leather for great looks and even better wear for a lifetime of use. It is also officially licensed with the Ducks Unlimited label.

Filson x Ducks Unlimited

You can see the entire line of apparel and gear at

Support of Ducks Unlimited

These signature pieces seem like they’ll put up with the wear and tear that we sportsmen dish out, and they’ll go a long way towards supporting an organization that has been at the forefront of wetlands conservation since 1937. These special edition pieces, each made in the USA, officially recognize one of North America’s finest wildlife institutions. Fish and wildlife organizations everywhere can look at the efforts of DU as a model of efficiency for wildlife management across the country.

From our perspective, we can at least take a closer look at the gear sold with their venerable name on it that has been given a big thumbs up by the esteemed organization itself in the effort to create a lasting partnership between outdoorsmen who want a better understanding of what modern wildlife conservation is all about and those who support their efforts.

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