Was having a conversation with some guys at lunch the other day, you will know they were all members of an older generation when I tell you that I had to explain to them the whole YouTube phenomenon. . . . That all you have to do is get a couple of GoPros and film several angles of every second of your fishing trips, do some editing of all the raw footage, post ’em on YouTube, gain a following of several hundred thousand or so, and you could quit your day-job and do nothing but fish!  They had no idea!

Actually, we are living in an age when there is much more fishing content on YouTube than there are fishing shows on TV.  That is unfortunate because some of those TV fishing shows are excellent while some of the content on YouTube is well, less than excellent.  Do not get me wrong, there are some folks on YouTube that are doing great stuff, excellent filming and excellent content and I watch every second of it, but then there are a bunch more that are well, like geeks at a carnival doing pretty much whatever to gain attention.

I do not know that I will join the army of those shooting video of every fishing trip.  Yes, that also means that I am of an older generation.  It also means that I believe at some point all of that extraneous activity gets in the way of serious fishing.  Do not get me wrong, I gotta have my fish pictures and many other shots to preserve some of that time on the water for posterity, but I can do that without taking much time away from line in the water, rod in hand.

And I do not look like a clown.


Actually, if I am going to poke fun I need to be fair. . . . That is a photo from a YouTube channel I very much enjoy, Jay Siemens.  His videos are all about the outdoors, hunting and fishing, they are very well done, very entertaining, and even educational.  I like ’em!

Knowing that many are going to get into this YouTube thing, let me suggest some tips from another that I love, “your fly-fishing guide”, Hank Patterson:

There, now if you do not waste enough time reading my blog, I just introduced you to a bunch of YouTube videos where you can waste even more time.  “Come on in, the water’s fine”.

Good thing it is the weekend!


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