A father and daughter celebrate her shooting her first turkey.

It doesn’t get much better than this while turkey hunting with your kid.

More states than ever these days are doing away with age limits on hunting. It makes sense to try and attract a new generation of hunters while they are younger because participation numbers could use a boost. Many parents are showing that even extremely young children can harvest an animal ethically with some proper teaching and adult supervision. It makes us wonder why there were ever age limits in the first place.

To demonstrate what we mean, check out this hunt from the YouTube channel FOXPROINC. Matt Rankin takes his five-year-old daughter Lily on her first turkey hunt ever. Yes, she’s only five years old!

The father and daughter do not have to wait very long before a group of turkeys comes filtering into the forest to check out their decoy spread. Now all that’s left is waiting for the perfect shot opportunity to harvest one.

This video is a good example of what hunting is all about. These kinds of special memories with friends and family are what keep us coming back to the woods, year in and year out, in pursuit of that big buck or gobbler.

What a great hunt and a special moment to capture on video for these two. We imagine them being able to look back and relive this hunt again and again as the years go on. It couldn’t have been easy to film this hunt with a hunter this young, so kudos to dad on the effort.

She’s so young that we doubt she even realized how difficult it is to harvest a turkey. We think Matt was more excited than Lily on this one. That turkey was nearly as big as she was! Thanks for sharing this awesome hunt with the world Matt, and congrats to Lily on her awesome harvest!




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