Our fisheries field biologists are busy in the fall.  That is the time that we do most of our fish population sampling on waters across the state.  I say all the time that the data we gain from that population sampling is worth its weight in crankbaits.  Simply put, this is how we monitor the health of our fisheries and evaluate our fisheries management strategies.  A really nice secondary benefit is summarizing that data to produce the annual Fishing Forecast.

If you are interested in the “nuts and bolts”, the science behind that sampling, Survey Says will give you a good idea.  It is not rocket science, but it is fisheries science.

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So far, I have seen a few sampling summaries, but will be getting more in the coming weeks.  Will be putting together the annual fishing forecast then and it should be ready near the first of the year.  Until then, let me tease you with some pictures.  Remember, we do not sample fish populations just to see the biggest fish, we want representative samples of all the fish in a community, but in the process we do see some nice ones!  All of these are swimming in Nebraska waters, right now!

big gill
Joe Rydell photo. Thanks, Joe!
33 lb mirror carp
Joe Rydell photo. Thanks, Joe!
18 and 21 lb cat
Joe Rydell photo. Thanks, Joe!
Jared Lorensen photo. Thanks, Jared!
Jared Lorensen photo. Thanks, Jared!

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