Photo By Zeralda La Grange
Photo By Zeralda La Grange

Congratulations to Zeralda La Grange for winning the Fall Colors 2018 Assignment with the image, “Sunrise Over Dallas Divide.”

“In south Louisiana, we get very little in the way of vibrant fall colors,” explains La Grange. “So every fall I make it a point to go somewhere to see color. Up until now, my fall travels have taken me east. This was my first venture west for the fall. I joined a photo tour with Tom Bol and George Theodore as they know the area. When we arrived for the sunrise at the Dallas Divide, I did what I normally do. I parted from the crowd and went in search of my own perspective. This took me out of the parking lot where most were congregated. I walked up the road a bit and found a place I liked. I was just barely off the shoulder. Just enough to not be run over by traffic, but not so close to the edge that I slid down the embankment.

To make this shot, I used a Canon 6D Mark II with a Tamron 15-30mm lens. My ISO was 100, shutter speed was 1/8 of a second. The lens was zoomed out to 30mm. I made two shots with these settings, the only difference was the f-stop. I made one photo with ƒ/22 to expose for the sun and create the sunburst as it came over the mountains and horizon. The second photo was ƒ/10 to expose for the landscape. I merged them in Lightroom and made a few minor edits.”

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