Hosted by landscape photographer Matt Payne, the podcast series “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” presents informal conversations with nature photographers. They discuss the photographer’s motivations, explore his or her personal journey and perspectives on important issues facing landscape photographers today.

Listen to last month’s podcasts below.

May 2nd– Episode 54 – Dave Soldano

  • A different take on photographing the icons.
  • What photography means to people.
  • A different take on workshops.
  • Sharing our favorite moments, locations, and lessons learned from our recent Iceland photography trip.
  • Over on Patreon we discussed the power of networking in landscape photography.

May 9th– Episode 55 – Nevada Art Printers and Lumachrome – Robert Park

  • Describing what a Lumachrome print is – the history and development of the process.
  • RAW development for large prints.
  • Camera settings for ultra large prints.
  • What sets Lumachrome prints apart from the competition.
  • Over on Patreon we discussed sharpening processes for large prints.

May 16th– Episode 56 – Colleen Miniuk-Sperry

  • How Colleen got into landscape photography.
  • Her transition from shooting icons to being a creative visual artist.
  • The creative process in landscape photography.
  • Her artist-in-residencies at Acadia National Park.
  • Her women-only workshops called “Sheography.”
  • Staying competitive as a business in photography.
  • Active non-judgment as a skill to observe and grow as a photographer.
  • Over on Patreon we discussed “Shoshin” or “beginner’s mind” and how that is a useful practice for photographers.

May 23rd– Episode 57 – Colby Brown

  • How Colby got into photography.
  • How Colby balances supporting his family with his busy photography and travel schedule.
  • Post-processing on the road using the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 laptop.
  • The Giving Lens.
  • Having controversial conversations on social media as a public figure and artist.
  • Using social media to reach your fan base.
  • Over on Patreon we discussed the past, present, and future of social media.

May 30th– Episode 58 –Ben Horne

  • How Ben got into landscape photography.
  • Storytelling in landscape photography.
  • The limitations and advantages of shooting film.
  • The conundrum of sharing photo locations.
  • Ben’s yearly photo box sets – the process.
  • Over on Patreon we discussed composition from a film photographer’s perspective.

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