Hosted by landscape photographer Matt Payne, the podcast series “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” presents informal conversations with nature photographers. They discuss the photographer’s motivations, explore his or her personal journey and perspectives on important issues facing landscape photographers today.

Listen to last month’s podcasts below.

February 7th – Episode 42 – Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou

  • Samantha and Darwin’s journey into landscape photography
  • Ethics in nature photography
  • The League Magazine – its purpose and inspiration
  • The tension between various ethical principles
  • Creating images that start conversations

February 14th  – Episode 43 – Bryan Swan

  • Bryan’s journey into landscape photography
  • Bryan’s decision to not become a full-time professional photographer
  • The Northwest Waterfall survey and the delicate relationship between the internet and photography locations
  • Tips for photographing waterfalls
  • Stamp collecting vs. exploration & wilderness exploration
  • Scouting tools in the age of the internet, including Gaia GPS and Google Earth

February 21st – Episode 44 – Mark Handy

  • Mark’s journey into landscape photography
  • Ethics and digital manipulation (look for a full 45 minute conversation about this on Patreon)!
  • Owning his own gallery in La Jolla, CA
  • Shooting digital medium format (Phase One)
  • Selling images as limited editions of ONE
  • The influence of luck

February 28th  – Episode 45 – Adam Woodworth

  • Adam’s journey into landscape photography.
  • Adam’s decision to become a full-time professional photographer.
  • His cross-country road trip from Maine to Alaska
  • Night Photography
  • Adam’s video tutorials

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