Eye Ball Spoon from NorthlandThe Eye-Ball Spoon™ perfectly mimics the real thing, with bling. The backside of the spoon offers an array of colorful glow patterns for all scenarios, providing both attraction and realistic seduction. The Eye-Ball Spoon’s™ lead material and compact design means you’re getting to fish fast, and able to fish various sizes in a range of depths, for a wide assortment of species. This makes the Eye-Ball Spoon™ an incredibly versatile bait that’s perfect for panfish and hungry predators alike. The NEW Eye-Ball Spoons™ are available in 3 sizes (1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., and 1/4 oz.) and 10 different fish-catching colors. Each pack contains one (1) Eye-Ball Spoon™ per card. More ice fishing – https://www.odumagazine.com/topics/fishing_freshwater/ice-fishing/

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