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Eric Chesser from Hush Life bags his first bear, but not until he experiences the anxiety and disappointment of making a less than stellar shot.

One of the things we love about Hush Life‘s videos is that they show everything—the good, the bad and the ugly. Eric Chesser sits in a stand waiting for a shot at his first bear, and in the process he shares his anxiety and his triumph.

Chesser initially makes a bad shot on a dark-nosed black bear and he shares his disappointment as he worries that he wounded the animal.

Then, a few days later, he makes a perfect shot on the same bear…or is it the same bear? The uncertainty is a little agonizing for Chesser.

Chesser and the Hushin crew are bowhunting in northeastern Saskatchewan with Trout Camp outfitters. He says that Trout Camp puts together great bear hunts, and that everyone has seen multiple bears every day. It’s just a matter of choosing the right bear to shoot and waiting for the perfect shot to present itself.

After Chesser’s initial disappointment and concern that he wounded the bear, he feels the joy of shooting and killing what he initially believes is the same bear.

But after examining the animal, doubt creeps in and he’s uncertain again. The two bears looks alike…almost. The color of their muzzles is different.

So, while he feels victorious in harvesting the second bear, he still worries he wounded the first bear. What a roller coaster!

Upon returning to home and examining the video footage he is certain that the bears are different bears. But his mind is put at ease by the fact that the video shows the first bear returning to the bait site.

Every hunter has experienced the ups and downs of making a bad or unlucky shot. The animal moves at the last second or one a hundred other factors come in to play to mess things up. Kudos to Chesser and Hush Life for sharing their bowhunting experience, and hats off to a successful hunt as well.

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