I am seeing lots of proclamations about our ice fishing season being over.


There are a lot of folks that bail on ice fishing because they are not committed.  They fantasize about fishing open water much too much.  On the first day with temperatures above freezing, they declare it over.

You will NOT get me to make that announcement.  In fact, I will be on it as long as I can.  The longer it lasts, the better!

And, I have learned that Nebraska is a big state and our weather varies a lot from one corner of the state to another.  There are parts of Nebraska that have been ice free for weeks already.  But, as soon as I say ice-fishing is over, I will find out that someone in some far corner was still riding it and still catching fish.

Likewise, I will never tell you it is safe.

You will have to make that determination for yourself EVERY TIME you walk on the ice.  Do not take someone else’s word for it, do not assume it is safe just because so-and-so’s second cousin twice removed said it was.  On late ice, you better be making sure it is safe by the hour.  Use the spud bar, religiously.

Having done that.  My annual pursuit of a 10-inch+ bluegill continues:


Been a couple of weeks since I fished with my son.  Looks like I need to remedy that:

Purdy pumpkinseed



Another hint for some of you:


That’s all for now.  Next report might still be on ice, or maybe it will be open water?  Who knows?


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