Randy Newberg has a long history of finding and killing late-season elk.

Finding late-season elk can be difficult. The bulls have been subjected to months of hunting pressure and need to refuel after the intense breeding season activity.

The good news is if you do find the bulls, you’ll most likely be able to kill them in the same location year after year.

Watch the video to see what Randy has learned from years of experience, and you’ll be way ahead while chasing bulls this late season.

Looking for late-season elk between summering areas and wintering areas and focusing on the nastiest, most inaccessible spots in your hunting area will keep you in the late-season game.

Learning to read the story of elk behavior based on tracks in the snow will also help you spend your hunting time in the most productive areas.

Like any other time in the season, pre-hunt map work offers a huge head start when you finally reach the hunting area and understanding elk behavior based on the time of year will keep you ahead of the hunting competition.

Randy’s got it all right when he says, “To kill an elk, you’ve got to find an elk and in the late season, think sanctuary, sanctuary, sanctuary. If hunters want to go there, elk don’t. If hunters don’t want to go there, elk probably will.”



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