Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes and MTN OPS want to challenge hunters and athletes to test their endurance.

There are few people in the hunting world quite like Cameron Hanes. It takes a special type of personality to embrace daily weightlifting and two marathons a week as their fitness routine. It is all part of his “Keeping Hammering” lifestyle.

Now he wants to challenge others to push their limits in a unique endurance challenge that should press even the most seasoned of backcountry hunters and hikers. Working with FitRankings and MTN OPS, this is the second year he has hosted such a five-day endurance challenge.

The next part of the challenge is the 20k and is slated to begin June 15 and will run through the 20th. Participants will be tasked with completing a multi-day challenge and have a choice between two divisions. The Conquer Division challenges participants to walk, run, or hike 5k a day for four days.

If that is not enough of a physical challenge for you, consider entering the Savage Division 20k instead. This one requires participants to walk, run, and hike at least 20k a day for four days for a total of 80k overall. You can also run both if you are feeling up to the challenge.

They gave the option to combine a series of running, walking, and hiking because of the difficulties of completing these distances in one singular workout. For MTN OPS, Hanes was the perfect spokesman for the challenge.

“We are thrilled that Cam would host this challenge and provide the support and encouragement to our consumer base – he’s the right guy to make the connection between hunting, fitness, and our MTN OPS community,” MTN OPS Director of Events Schafer Summers said in a press release. “Additionally, we’re stoked to be offering this challenge via FitRankings. There’s not better technology to connect our participants with our brand and the legend, Cam Hanes.”

FitRankings will handle the tracking on the event and will allow participants to use wearable fitness devices, apps, or other trackers to log their mileage during the events. Participants who finish either event or both, will receive finisher medals, race T-shirts, a discount code for 30 percent off MTN OPS supplements, and entries for a mega prize.

The most challenging part of the contest is slated to happen from August 2-8 when Hanes will challenge participants to a virtual 25k. That is 5k a day for five days, a total of 25k overall in the Conquer Division and 25k a day for five days, 125k overall in the Savage Division.

Sounds like a way to start getting in shape for those fall backcountry hunting adventures to us. For more information and to register for the event, check out the MTN OPS, and FitRankings websites.

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