Bullet Points - Weekly Firearms Industry Newsletter - 4-8-2019

CALIFORNIA MAGAZINE BAN BACK A federal judge stayed his decision to overturn California’s ban on standard-capacity magazines. U.S. District Court Judge Benitez put his decision on hold, while California’s AG Becerra appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Benitez’s stay allows the ban on the sale of firearms to resume but forbids authorities from enforcing a ban on possession of standard-capacity magazines, even those obtained during the five-day window in which they were legal.

NSSF GOES TO WASHINGTON An extensive schedule of visits to U.S. Representatives and Senators is on the docket for a full roster of NSSF member industry executives at this week’s 11th Annual Congressional Fly-in. NSSF teams will underscore the importance of the industry’s economic impact and cover a variety of topics important to the protection and promotion of American’s shooting sports and hunting traditions.

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  • NSSF applauded the introduction of H.R. 2079, the Freedom Financing Act in the U.S. House by Congressman Roger Williams (R-Texas) to ensure large financial institutions cannot deny service to constitutionally-protected firearms businesses.
  • Acting ATF Director Thomas Brandon will retire at the end of April. A replacement is yet to be named.
  • Gun rights supporters flooded the Rhode Island statehouse last week with yellow-shirts, showing their opposition to numerous anti-gun bills supported by Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo and gun control legislators.
  • This month’s Behind the Firing Line highlights Centennial Gun Club, a range near downtown Denver that found success through a member-based strategy and by capitalizing on the face-to-face ask.
  • Good leaders help employees understand the mission of the company and the vision behind it as a way to ensure employees actively put their efforts are in service of that mission. Get connected to your company’s vision.
  • Long-range shooting has recently become a passion for a larger number of shooters, leading to increased potential for sales of guns, ammo and accessories in this market. See how you can sight-in those long-range sales.
  • 2019 SHOT Show Product Spotlight: Consider stocking your shelves with Otto’s Noise Barrier hearing protection. This American-made line of hearing protection products offers a 360 degree soundscape with soft gel inserts for all-day comfort.
  • ​​​​ATF Q&A: More great questions came in on our 24/7 NSSF Member Compliance Hotline last week. One question asks, “If information is contained on a state firearms transfer document, do I still have to enter the same information on the ATF Form 4473?
  • The March 2019 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 1,317,114 is a decrease of 12.4 percent compared to the March 2018 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,503,967Log in to see the full data.
  • NSSF President Joe Bartozzi, along with Bill Dunn and Bill Brassard, joined Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio host Rob Keck to discuss NSSF’s +ONESM Movement, National Shooting Sports Month®, Project ChildSafe® and other programs. The show airs on Rural Radio, Sirius XM, Channel 147.
  • Recreational shooters in Mississippi are the beneficiaries of the newest public-private partnership that’s opening up more public shooting ranges. NSSF President Joe Bartozzi was on hand to discuss ways to get more ranges open to the public.
  • NSSF is pleased to announce that it appointed Mark Boyadjian to the Board of Governors during its recent annual meeting.
  • With support from The Conservation Fund, New Hampshire Fish and Game has purchased nearly 3,200 acres of land in Newport and other towns, to be known as the William B. Ruger Wildlife Management Area, to protect its natural resources and provide opportunities to hunt, fish and enjoy nature.
  • This wild goose and pineapple stir-fry recipe from LetsGoHunting.org will help ensure your harvest is just as memorable on the table as it was in the field.
  • New exhibitor registration is open for SHOT Show’s 2020 Industry Day at the Range. Vendors should act quickly, as space is limited. Various Range Day sponsorships are also available, visit SHOTShowRangeDay.com for more info.
  • Employees of companies that support the NSSF at the highest level may apply for education aid through the NSSF’s Patron Member Scholarship Program. For more information, contact Samantha Hughes, NSSF’s Manager, Member Services.

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