Browning has added four new models to the Silver shotgun line. They are the Silver Black Lightning, Silver Matte Hunter, Silver Matte Hunter Micro Midas and the Silver Rifled Deer Matte.

Browning Expands Silver Shotgun Line

All of the Silver shotguns feature the self-adjusting Active Value gas system that diverts gases to operate the action instead of adding to the recoil. When shooting light loads out of the Silver, most of the gases are used to operate the action. With magnum loads, only a small amount of the gas is necessary to operate the action. The remaining gases are vented out the top of the forearm and away from the receiver for cleaner, more reliable operation. The results are faster, more accurate follow-up shots and all-day shooting comfort.

The Active Valve also allows for a wide range of loads to be shot out of the same gun. The 12 gauge 3″ models handle everything from 1 oz. field loads to the heaviest 3″ magnums. The 3-1/2″ model is built with a similar range, shooting everything from 1-1/8 oz. field loads to the hardest hitting 3-1/2″ magnum loads.

The new Black Lightning, Silver Matte Hunter and Silver Matte Hunter Micro Midas Silver models are ideal for hunting and sporting clays shooting. All the models have these features:

Strong, lightweight aluminum alloy receiver
Semi-humpback receiver shape
Lightweight profile ventilated rib
Three Invector-Plus choke tubes
Brass front bead sight
Inflex recoil pad
The Silver Black Lighting has these additional features:

Gloss black receiver finish
Gloss blued barrel finish
Lightning-style, gloss finish buttstock and forearm made of Grade 2.5 Turkish Walnut
Suggested retail is $1,259.99

The Silver Matt Hunter and Silver Matt Hunter Micro Midas have these additional features:

Silver/matte black bi-tone receiver finish
Matte blued barrel finish
Satin finish walnut stock
Micro Midas model comes with one 14″ stock spacer
Micro Midas model is eligible for Browning’s Growth Insurance Program
The Silver Matte Hunter is available in both 20 and12 gauge with either a 26″ or 28″ barrel length. The Silver Matte Hunter Micro Midas also comes in 20 and 12 gauge, with a 24″ or 26″ barrel length.

Suggested retail is $1,149.99 for both models.

Browning’s new Silver Rifled Deer Matte shotgun combines good looks with exceptional performance for the serious deer hunter in areas where using a shotgun with slugs is mandatory.

The Silver Rifled Deer Matte has these features:

Strong, lightweight aluminum alloy receiver
Semi-humpback receiver shape
Thick-walled, 22″ fully rifled barrel for slug ammunition
3″ chamber
Satin finished walnut stock
Cantilever scope mount
Available in 20 gauge
Suggested retail is $1,339.99

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