Bowhunt Bear

Any kind of bowhunting is challenging, but there’s something special about hunting with traditional archery equipment. Recurve or compound, you can put a little extra feather in your cap when you harvest any game animal using one of these. In today’s video, this hunter sets out for Saskatchewan’s bear season with a 47-pound recurve. He starts off things by highlighting his equipment before finding a good spot to set up his bait. It’s only then that he reveals he plans to hunt from the ground while a cameraman catches an extra angle from the ladder stand above. The hunters don’t need to wait long before a black bear comes wandering into the setup.

The hunter is patient, waiting for the bear to turn and stop at some popcorn that has been strategically placed to hold the animal’s attention while he takes the shot. When he finally gets the chance, he doesn’t waste it, putting a perfect shot through the boiler room of this bear. The shot is captured from several angles making for one of the most impressive hunts filmed while using traditional gear we have ever seen.

What a great shot! This bear wasn’t going far after a shot like that one. Not many people willingly choose to hunt black bears from the ground like this. If something goes wrong, there’s not much to stop the bear from charging the hunter at close range. Kudos to these hunters for going through the extra effort of setting up GoPro cameras for all these different shot angles. It’s amazing to see things from the bear’s perspective.

Many hunters mistakenly think they need the heaviest draw weights possible for bears and other larger game. However, this video proves that proper shot placement and a sharp broadhead are much more important for ensuring a clean kill. It’s likely this bruin never knew what hit him. The hunters didn’t even hear the signature death moan on this one. Truly an amazing hunt and one to remember.

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