Elk Hunt

One doesn’t get this close to an elk too often!

Elk hunting is one of the most exciting big game opportunities one can experience in North America. There is nothing like hearing the loud, screech of an elk bugle at first light, knowing that animal is making his way in your direction. Because of the dense areas where elk live, encounters are often up close and personal.

That is the case with today’s video features Annetta with Realtree. The elk rut is on and the bulls are chasing the cows like crazy. It doesn’t take them long to encounter some heart-pounding action.

Unfortunately, Annetta can’t close the deal on day one despite seeing a great bull. However, she has no idea what’s in store for day two. Because it turns into one of the most exciting hunts we’ve ever seen captured on video. At one point, this big bull is standing only FOUR yards from the hunter. It’s one of those rare times when a big game animal is TOO close for comfort!

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Talk about the hunt of a lifetime! Annetta said she wanted a bull elk up close. We think it is safe to say she got more than she bargained for with this hunt!

It isn’t often one gets that close to any big game animal, let alone a giant bull elk that’s all fired up during the rut. Looks like the wind and camo were perfect because that bull had no clue they were there until he was right on top of the hunters.

A situation like this could have easily turned ugly with the elk turning on the hunters. Especially during the rut when these animals are the most aggressive. Of course, the hunters had no way of knowing the bull would come in that close. Fortunately, the bull simply decided to try and flee the area. This gave Annetta the chance to draw her bow and get a shot on this animal.

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