Buck Sheds Antler Fights

Hunting in the late season opens many great opportunities for the bucks that eluded you during the regular seasons. The only risk is that as winter sets in, the chances of a buck shedding his antlers increase. Some bucks shed incredibly early–and in some cases, hunters are fortunate enough to witness it firsthand. Which is just what today’s video, filmed by Dave Kramer in Iowa, features today. This video is very different from buck shedding videos we’ve shared in the past.

As the video starts off, you’ll hear the hunters excitedly talking about the big buck. Suddenly, the buck shakes his head, and his left antler just goes flying. The buck runs a few yards away seemingly shocked by what just happened. What happens next is something we’ve never seen before. Another buck arrives on the scene and appears to challenge the buck who’s just lost half of his crown. The shed buck appears to square up in preparation for the fight, only to suddenly realize at the last second that he’s at a severe disadvantage in the headgear department!

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This is one of the coolest whitetail deer videos we’ve seen in quite some time. The shed-out buck attempted to turn this into a hoof fight at the last second, but the 8-point was having none of that. It was easy for the other buck to win that battle with both antlers still intact. It’s almost as if that 8-pointer realized the other buck was at a disadvantage and decided to make the most of the opportunity.

We know that most hunters think of bucks fighting with their antlers as only a rutting activity, but they’ll continue to spar until they’ve got no more headgear remaining. Still, capturing a buck shedding an antler on video is already a rare occurrence. Filming that and a near fight only minutes later is a true, once-in-a-lifetime experience that few hunters will ever get to witness.

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