Canada's Andreescu has been learning the art of making beats over the last two and a half months. The beat goes on for Bianca Andreescu, despite the fact that tennis is in lockdown mode due to the Coronavirus.

Canada’s Andreescu has been out of action since the 2019 WTA Finals in Shenzhen, but the 2019 US Open champion is getting healthy, both mentally and physically, as the WTA Tour takes time out during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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And, she’s found a new hobby: Bianca the beatmaker.

The 19-year-old told Vivek Jacob of Complex Canada that she’s been working on her musical skills for the last two and a half months.

“It just comes from my love for music and I thought, ‘OK, I have a lot of time on my hands, what’s there? Is there something I can do to keep me busy?’' Andreescu told Jacob. “That was the one thing that stood out the most so I started and… I think I’m pretty decent. I started only two and a half months ago but I’m really enjoying it and hopefully something bigger can come out of it.”

The hip Andreescu has always had a love or music, and like a lot of professional tennis players during this difficult time, has tapped her creativity in new and exciting ways. If the beat she is producing are anything like her tennis, expect some rhythmic turnabouts and break beats. Maybe a tempo change our two mid-measure. And of course, listeners should expect the unexpected and the musical equivalent of a drop shot.

According to the article, Andreescu is learning what she can through YouTube videos, GarageBand, and music production tool Arcade.

The Canadian has also been keeping herself busy on the charitable front.

She was one of the faces in #TheRealHeroes campaign that was launched earlier this week. Andreescu joined fellow WTA stars Naomi Osaka, Victoria Azarenka, Ashleigh Barty and Coco Gauff, as well as hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, NFL star Drew Brees, New York Yankee slugger Aaron Judge, American soccer star Carly Lloyd and Canadian hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser.

“I really believe that if more and more people start talking about this, meaning more people that have more influence on a wider variety of people, I think it can go a long way,” Andreescu said of the movement.