Benelli ETHOS Cordoba
Benelli brings together the best of both style and high performance with the introduction of the ETHOS Cordoba BE.S.T. shotgun. Designed for high-volume shooting, such as dove hunting in Argentina, the ETHOS Cordoba enjoys upgraded features along with the industry leading Benelli BE.S.T. finish technology for ultimate protection from rust and corrosion.
Built to withstand thousands of rounds, the Benelli ETHOS Cordoba BE.S.T. relies on the ultra reliable Inertia-Driven operating system to deliver shot after shot without failure when the hunting heats up. The new shotgun combines the best features of a target gun with the strength of a hunting gun. Premium features such as ported barrels for quick follow-up shots and the ComfortTech recoil-reducing system to soak up recoil create a lightweight and perfectly balanced shotgun.
The front fiber-optic sight along with a mid-rib bead sit in a wide broadway sight channel to naturally lead a shooter’s eye to the target for instinctive aiming. The Shell View system with small windows in the magazine tube give instant feedback as to how many shells are loaded. The barrel and chokes are coated with Benelli’s BE.S.T. finish for protection from a shotgun’s worst enemies – rust and corrosion.
Benelli developed a hybrid PVD/PECVD machine that uses diamond-like carbon particles applied with a high-vacuum plasma nanotechnology to apply the BE.S.T. finish. The process is environmentally friendly and produces no hazardous chemical by-product while delivering a layer of high-hardness for superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. The insides of the barrels are chrome-lined for additional protection.
Benelli answered the call for a gun that can withstand punishing high-volume shooting with the lightning fast handling, featherlight weight and a soft kick for hours of enjoyment in the field. The new shotgun is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 28 gauge and can handle loads up to 3-inch magnums down to the lightest 7/8-ounce loads.
Benelli ETHOS Cordoba
Gauge: 12, 20 and 28. Action: Semi-auto. Chambering: 2-3/4 and 3 inch. Barrel Lengths: 28 and 30 inches. Stock/forend: Black synthetic. Receiver: Anodized. Barrel: BE.S.T. treated Overall Length: 49.50 to 51.50 inches. Weight: 5.4 to 7 pounds. Sights: Fiber-optic front sight, mid-barrel bead. Length of Pull: 14-3/8 inches. Drop at Heel: 2-1/4 inches. Drop at Comb: 1-1/2 inches. MSRP: $2,349.

 Benelli Lupo
Award-Winning Benelli Lupo Expands Offerings with Three New Calibers
The Benelli Lupo, introduced just a year ago, has become one of the most popular and most recognized bolt-action centerfire rifles on the market. The rifle is now offered in three additional calibers, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and .243 Win., joining the three original calibers of .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win. Mag. and .270 Win.
Renowned for making high-quality shotguns, Benelli brings expertise and Italian craftsmanship to create the highly-accurate centerfire Lupo rifle with precise sub-MOA accuracy, superb ergonomics, patented adjustability and unprecedented recoil reduction.
The added Lupo rifles from Benelli are built with the same innovative features as the originals. It all starts with seven exclusive Benelli patents for a gun that provides a truly customized fit for top performance handling. The rifle features a chassis-style construction, built from an alloy lower receiver, and fitted with a synthetic stock and forend. The stock incorporates Benelli’s patented Progressive Comfort recoil-reducing system and Combtech cheek pad for comfortable shooting.
The Benelli Lupo achieves repeatable, consistent, sub-MOA accuracy thanks to a precision CRIO-treated and free-floating barrel, which is securely bedded (steel-to-steel) into the alloy chassis receiver. This accuracy is unleashed with a crisp, adjustable trigger.
An innovative barrel attachment system creates an unaltered chamber and perfect alignment on every gun. The rifle was subjected to rigorous military quality and safety testing while precision accuracy was assured by testing across a wide spectrum of ammunition.
In addition to great accuracy, the Benelli Lupo’s design features modular adjustability to provide the perfect fit between shooter and rifle. The chassis-style configuration of a separate stock, receiver and forend allow the shooter to customize the Lupo to one of 12 drop-and-cast positions with the included shims and can be expanded to 36 postions by utilizing optional combs. Further fit adjustments can be made with included LOP spacers. Finger reach to the trigger is also adjustable with included spacers that can be placed between the receiver and the stock. Additional fit choices include two raised cheek pad styles and one optional length butt pad.
The Benelli Lupo tames recoil with a patented built-in Progressive Comfort system and a Combtech cheek pad. The double-stack box magazine is incredibly easy to load in or out of the gun. A two-position, tang-mounted safety offers ambidextrous manipulation. Airtouch Grip surfaces provide a safe and firm hold on the rifle. A threaded muzzle (5/8 x 24 thread) gives the option of adding a muzzle brake or suppressor. The short bolt throw quietly chambers and ejects rounds for quick and smooth follow-up shots.
Benelli continues its rich tradition of blending form, function and industry-leading innovation to provide shooters with high-quality firearms that shoot as well as they look. The Benelli Lupo combines precise accuracy, adjustability, superior ergonomics and recoil reduction to make users better shooters and successful hunters.
Benelli Lupo Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle
Stock/Finish: Black synthetic/black. Trigger: Adjustable (2.2-4.4 lbs.). Barrel: Free-floating CRIO/threaded (5/8×24 threads). Capacity: 5+1 (.300 Win.Mag: 4+1) Length of Pull: Adjustable 13.8 – 14.77 inches. Warranty: 7 years. MSRP: $1,699
New models
6.5 Creedmoor – Barrel Length: 24 inches. Overall Length: 46.225 inches. Overall Weight: 7.1 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:8 RH
.308 Win. – Barrel Length: 22 inches. Overall Length: 44.225 inches. Overall Weight: 6.9 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:11 RH
.243 Win. – Barrel Length: 22 inches. Overall Length: 44.225 inches. Overall Weight: 6.9 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:8 RH
Original models
.270 Winchester – Barrel Length: 22 inches. Overall Length: 44.625 inches. Overall Weight: 7.0 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:10 RH
.30-06 Springfield – Barrel Length: 22 inches. Overall Length: 44.625 inches. Overall Weight: 7.1 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:11 RH
.300 Win. Mag. – Barrel Length: 24 inches. Overall Length: 46.625 inches. Overall Weight: 7.0 lbs. Rate of Twist: 1:11 RH

Legendary Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Continues to Dominate the Skies with Addition of 20-Gauge and 3-Inch 12-Gauge Shotguns
Benelli forever changed the expectations of waterfowl hunters with the introduction of the venerable Super Black Eagle shotgun. Continued innovation drives the evolution of the shotgun with updated features and performance. Benelli offers the latest iterations in a variety of 3-inch 12 gauges along with 3-inch 20-gauge shotguns that are a little lighter but just as effective and enjoyable to shoot.
“For three decades, the Super Black Eagle platform has dominated the semi-auto waterfowl market as a 3.5” 12-gauge shotgun,” said Tim Joseph, VP of Brand Marketing for Benelli USA. “We’ve applied all of the Super Black Eagle 3 enhanced updates and ergonomics to 3” 20-gauge and 3” 12-gauge models for 2021. We know the 20-gauge in particular will be a welcome addition for hunters who want the feature sets of a SBE3 but prefer a lighter gauge as well as for waterfowlers who are hunting areas that mandate the use of sub-gauge shotguns.”
The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 boasts dozens of features and enhancements that improve the way the shotgun looks, feels and performs. At the heart of the SBE3 is the ultra-reliable inertia-driven action, which is centered around an Easy-Locking Bolt System – an enhanced breech-closing system that eliminates the possibility for a shooter-induced stoppage when trying to softly close the bolt or when the shotgun is treated roughly in the blind. And because hardcore waterfowl hunters don’t stay out of the field in frigid weather, the new SBE3 is designed for easier operation with gloved and/or cold hands. The oversized bolt handle, oversized bolt release, oversized safety and redesigned magazine cap along with the enlarged load port make for easier operation in cold conditions.
The Easy Fitting System of the SBE3 includes a shim kit that allows for up to eight different cast-and-drop configurations. The stock and forend design and rounded trigger give the SBE3 a smoother feel and make the shotgun easier to shoulder and swing on passing targets.
The design of the Super Black Eagle 3 reduces felt recoil with its third generation ComforTech 3 stock and Combtech cheek pad. The SBE3’s inertia-driven system is easier to clean and requires less maintenance than the action of a conventional, gas-operated semi-auto.
The new 3-inch SBE3 shotguns are available in Black synthetic, Realtree MAX-5, GORE OPTIFADE Timber and Mossy Oak Bottomland camo patterns in both the 12-gauge and 20-gauge chamberings.
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Three-Inch Shotgun
Gauge: 12 and 20. Action: Semi-auto. Chambering: 2-3/4 and 3 inch. Barrel Lengths: 26 and 28 inches. Stocks: Black synthetic, Realtree Max-5, OPTIFADE Timber/Mossy Oak Bottomland. Overall Length: 47.50 to 49.50 inches. Weight: 5.8 to 6.9 pounds. Sights: Fiber-optic red-bar front sight. Length of Pull: 14-3/8 inches. Drop at Heel: 2-1/8 inches. Drop at Comb: 1-1/2 inches. MSRP: $1,699 to $1,799.

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