Ash Barty's new career move may surprise you.
Ashleigh Barty rewrote the record book in January.

Former world No. 1 Barty will be a page-turning presence in her new career: children's book author.

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The three-time Grand Slam champion signed on with Harper Collins to write a series of children's books.

A six-book "Litle Ash"  will focus on the young Barty's adventures as a child growing up in Australia. Barty is co-writing the book series with Jasmin McGaughey. Jade Goodwin is illustrator for the series, which and will go on sale in July.

"Ash can't wait to play tennis with the big kids at school today!" a description of the book on Harper Collins website reads. "But when James's big school project breaks, Ash has to decide whether to help her friend fix his project at lunchtime, or play the game she loves. What will she do?"






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In an interview with the Courier-Mail, Barty said she was inspired to write the book series by her five-year-old niece, Lucy.

“The project has been so much fun and something I have always wanted to do,” Barty said. “Lucy was my north star. She is the perfect age to understand stories and storylines and read chapter books.

“Being able to read it to her will be great and to go up to readings to kids in rural areas is something I want to be really hands-on with.”

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Barty is engaged to long-time partner Garry Kissick. The couple plans to marry this year.

Last January, Barty battled back from a 1-5 second-set lead defeating Danielle Collins 6-3, 7-6(2) in the Australian Open final becoming the first Aussie—man or woman—to capture the AO singles championship since Chris O’Neil in 1978.

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