The Balios Lite Gen 2 AR Pistol is exceptional for tactical performance. The lightweight, maneuverable platform is perfect for short and mid range shooting. Hitting targets on the move with accuracy and limited recoil gives you a major tactical advantage in the field.
As with all of 2A Armaments products, the highest level machining processes are used to build each component. The lower and upper receivers have a CNC Machined 7075-T6 billet with a flared mag-well on the lower and a slick slide port door on the upper. The bolt and full mass carrier use precision QPQ process and cryogenic for optimum performance and durability in the field.
The trigger has an optional light or heavy hammer spring to fit your trigger sensitivity preference. Every shooter is different on the trigger, and even with that being the case, few firearms offer choices in spring sensitivity. The KAK/Shockwave Tech also stabilizes the pistol for accuracy against successive shots. Keep on hammering and your firearm will remain steady and true.
Made in Idaho, the Gen 2 AR Pistols are made with American pride by passionate shooters who use the same AR’s they manufacture. You won’t find a better performing AR pistol on the market.    
Key Lightweight Shooting Advantages:
  • 2A BALIOS LITE GEN 2 LOWER RECEIVER – CNC machined 7075-T6 billet with flared mag-well, hard coat type-III anodized, rear tensioning screw, rear takedown spring retainer, screw in bolt catch pin.
  • 2A BALIOS LITE GEN 2 UPPER RECEIVER – CNC machined 7075-T6 billet “slick side” mil-spec port door, retained port door rod, M-4 feed ramps, machined indexing marks.
  • 2A BOLT AND FULL MASS CARRIER – 8620 machined body with QPQ process, 9310 machined bolt, cryogenically treated , MPT, QPQ process
  • 2A HANDGUARD – 2A Armament BL G2-RAIL,  M-LOK, or KeyMod, titanium barrel nut.
  • 2A MUZZLE DEVICE – 2A Titanium T3 compensator for 556mm models or a 2A Titanium X3 compensator for the 300 BLK
  • KAK / SHOCKWAVE TECH – Blade pistol stabilizer
  • LOWER PARTS – 2A magazine catch, 2A through drilled titanium takedown pins, Mil-spec safety and bolt catch.
  • TRIGGER – ALG-ACT trigger group with optional light or heavy hammer spring.
  • Ships with one MAGPUL P-MAG and die cut foam box
  • Product of the Great State of Idaho, MADE IN THE U.S.A.
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