After reaching the final with Jamie Murray last year, Azarenka was expecting the call from Andy that never came.

Victoria Azarenka advanced to the third round of the singles draw and the second round of the singles draw on Day 3 at Wimbledon, but the former World No.1 says she’s not playing mixed at SW19 in 2019.

And she’s pissed.

Asked about why she isn’t laying mixed this year after reaching the final in 2018 alongside Jamie Murray, Azarenka said she’s not happy about the fact that Andy Murray didn’t pick her.

Tennis Express

“Well, Andy Murray didn't ask me to play,” she said with a smile. “Kind of pissed about that.”

Azarenka, who is a two-time mixed doubles major champion, says she thought her run with Jamie might have given her some clout with the family.

No such luck.

“Actually, no, that's okay,” she said. “I was hoping with the success what I did with Jamie last year I was going to be honored to get asked, but whatever.”

On a more serious note, Azarenka reflected on how important playing the mixed was for her game last year. Just getting the matches helped her start to find her rhythm on the court again.

“Last year was fun, because for me, at that time of my career it was important to get just any matches: singles, doubles, mixed doubles,” she said. “It was important to be on the court and to get the practice and to have that competitive spirit and competitive, again, like, opportunities.”

She later tipped the newly formed team of Andy Murray and Serena Williams as basically can’t miss.

“I mean, good luck to everybody else,” she said. “It's going to be a tough, tough, tough one to beat, you know. They both take it seriously. But I feel like it's going to be just a pleasure for people to watch. You know, it's going to be historic. So I'll be definitely watching, as w