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Feral Boar

The feral pigs in Australia are HUGE!

When most people think of feral swine, they probably immediately think of Texas and their out-of-control hog population. These animals cause massive amounts of damage to native wildlife and crops there. That has led to some extreme population control methods.

Many people forget that the pig problem is just as bad in Australia for the exact same reasons. The big difference here is that the hogs seem to be bigger and much nastier.

If you do not believe me just watch this video from YouTubers Will and Mary Outdoors. They first bag a few smaller hogs before downing an absolute giant near the end of the video. There is even a little bonus fishing thrown in. It should give you a good idea of what outdoor adventures are like in the land down under.

We have always heard that everything in Australia is big and dangerous and this video just seemed to serve as further proof of that. That was some nice shooting to take a boar like that down with one shot. What a huge hog! An animal of that size, especially with tusks like that, could do serious damage to homes and property.

What was more amazing was the fact that several other pigs in that sounder appeared to be equally as large. Maybe Texas’ hog problem is not as bad as we first thought. While the Lone Star State does produce the occasional 300 or 400-pounder, they are usually quite rare.

An animal of this size would probably be capable of severely injuring or even killing a human if it so desired. The tusks of this animal could do some nasty damage. It is a good thing they took this beast out before it could grow any larger or more dangerous. Nice shooting Will and Mary!

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