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Airgun Rats

This is one way to deal with a rat infestation.

Rats are one pest that no one likes. Not only will they decimate food supplies meant for livestock or other domesticated animals, but they also harbor tons of diseases. Ones that we do not want to see spread to humans or other animals.

There are a few different ways of dealing with rats. Traps, poison or even just getting a bunch of cats.

However, there is a quicker and much more efficient way to deal with the problem. You have probably seen videos of feral hogs being shot after dark with a night scope, but have you ever seen the same done with rats? This guy has a high-powered air rifle suited for just that purpose.

It is hard to believe how many rats he kills in this location.

This farm had one of the worst rat problems we have ever seen! Bringing out the airgun was the right call here. Sure, they could have tried to trap them, but they would have been setting and re-setting traps for weeks on end. In the meantime, they would likely keep reproducing and replacing the ones that were killed.

It has also been shown that some rats grow wise to traps after a while, meaning that you may not even get them all that way. Another option is poison, but that is not safe to use in a farm environment. You do not want that stuff getting into the feed or leeching into any crops stored there. Consider what would have happened to the barn owl that snagged one of the dead rats for a snack. It would have been a shame to see that bird get poisoned.

This is also probably the most ethical way to deal with the problem. One well-placed shot and the animal never knows what hit it. The rats do not spook the way a feral hog might, which means he was able to efficiently deal a severe blow to the animals in just one evening.

We must admit, this is a side job we would probably enjoy having. It looks like a great way to do something constructive and keep up our shooting skills at the same time!

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