It has come to our attention that the Grand Prize winning image in our Great Outdoors 2021 photo contest is a composite of multiple images.

The photographer, Shashank Khanna, attempted to contact us to advise us of this prior to the final judging and announcement of the contest winners, but unfortunately his email was misfiled by our customer service team and this information was not available to our judges.

We have since been in communication with Mr. Khanna, and in the interest of fairness to all our contest entrants, he has offered to withdraw his submission. We accept his withdrawal. We regret any embarrassment this has caused Mr. Khanna and commend him for his honesty and transparency.

Accordingly, we are elevating the Second Prize and Third Prize winners to Grand Prize and Second Prize respectively and awarding the Third Prize to photographer George Garcia for his image, “Barren Valley Sunset.” The revised winning images are featured below.

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