Bag some early bushy tails with these pointers.

Small game hunting is a great way to get back into the woods after a long summer off. Nothing gets me more excited for the upcoming hunting seasons like busting some squirrels.

Here’s some time proven tips to bag a limit of bushy tails.

1. Use Your Scatter Gun

You can make an argument that this tip is more of my personal preference, but leave your .22 at home. There is just too much leaves and foliage this time of year to get long shots off.

Those same leaves also make it harder to take aim on a squirrel. Blow the dust off your shotgun and shoot through those leaves.

2. Acorns


It’s no secret squirrels hoard up food for the winter. That’s what you should be focusing on as well.

White oaks are hard to beat this time of year. Look for oaks and falling acorns then find something to sit on and wait them out. Hickory nuts are another great option to look for. If you have the chance, hunt the edges of corn fields.

3. Use a Call

Sometimes the squirrels just don’t want to come out of the trees. You need to give them some incentive to investigate the ground.

I have had tons of success with the Primos Squirrel Buster. The call is easy to use and works great. If you don’t have a call you can just scratch two quarters together.

4. Still Hunt

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If the squirrels won’t come to you, go to them. Ideally, you have several spots picked out that you would like to hunt.

Move slowly between them and try to catch one. When you see one just stop and wait.

I try to wait just over 20 minutes after busting a bushy tail that I didn’t get a shot at. Odds are it will come back.

5. Stalk up a squirrel

We all joke about that giant deer we heard while sitting in our treestand that turned out to be a squirrel making more noise then we ever imagined. Now you can use that to your advantage.

If you hear something, start slowly moving in that direction. Odds are you will probably jump the critter so be ready to make a quick shot.



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