Image of the 3 Legged Thing Ray tripod

The 3 Legged Thing Ray tripod is the more compact of the two new models, but both the Ray and Bucky are designed to fold down to a very portable size for travel.

3 Legged Thing, the premium British tripod maker with a playful personality, today announced two new models in its “Legends” line, the Ray and Bucky. Both tripods are constructed of 8-layer carbon fiber and anodized magnesium alloy. A review sample of the Ray was sent to us, and though very lightweight, the construction, sturdiness and ease of use are all top-notch.

The Ray “Earth Bronze” color option shown in its packable collapsed state.

The Ray is the more compact of the two new models and is an ideal size for photographers who want to keep their gear to a minimum in the field. It collapses down to a folded length of 14 inches and weighs just 2.8 pounds. Fully extended it can reach a height of 51.1 inches, or 54.4 inches when using the optional AirHed Vu ball head, and can support a payload of up to 66 pounds.

The Ray fully extended.

If you want a taller maximum height, the Bucky can extend to 70.6 inches (74.5 with the AirHed Vu). Bucky weighs in at 3.4 pounds and can also support up to 66 pounds. Its folded length is 16.1 inches.

The Bucky with legs splayed and center column removed for low-to-the-ground shooting.

Both the Ray and Bucky have 5-section legs with twist locks. The Ray has a 2-section center column and the Bucky has a 3-section center column, each with a weight anchor at the base. The center columns can also be reversed or removed entirely. Both tripods also feature multiple leg angles for stability in uneven terrain and to get as low to the ground as 4.1 inches for the Ray and 4.3 inches for the Bucky. Controls and locks on both tripods are generously sized to make them easy to use even when wearing bulky gloves.

Detail of the Bucky’s leg latches and twist locks.

The legs can be completely detached and substituted with the company’s optional Vanz “tripod footwear” ($69) to convert the tripod for tabletop use. Remove the tabletop feet of Vanz footwear to reveal a spiked end which you can attach to the tripod’s legs for extra stability in wet soil, sand or snow. You can also remove a single leg and use it with the center column to convert to a monopod.

The Ray in the Metallic Slate Grey color option with Vanz footwear attached for table-top use.

The Ray is priced at $329 for the legs only, or $429 in a kit including the AirHed Vu ball head which is similarly well-crafted with premium materials and features a vice-style plate release that’s quick to use and very secure. Bucky is priced at $399 for the legs only or $499 with AirHed Vu. Two color options are offered: Earth Bronze with Ocean Blue head, or Metallic Slate Grey. We think they’re a great value considering the premium materials and construction.

The optional AirHed Vu ball head in the Metallic Slate Grey color.

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