10-point buck

A deer hunter was working on his hard-won buck right at the truck when a big 10-point buck tried to pick a fight with it.

If you’ve been deer hunting long enough, you will probably chance to have a deer walk right up to you in the field, but this may be a first.

A hunter had his buck down, tagged, and dragged right to his truck when a big 10-point walked up and tried to do battle with it!

It is both comical and a wonder of nature that a big, mature deer like this would forget his entire life in the wild of both survival from and avoidance of humans to walk right up and not know what was happening.

But that’s exactly how nature works sometimes: the very opposite of what we expect. Here’s one nice 10-point buck that could’ve gotten shot, but walked away to the chuckles of a fair and quality hunter.

This is my dads view from this morning while trying to skin out his buck, can even see the tags on my dads already and this other buck snuck up on him while skinning and did not care at all

Posted by Warren Fredin on Sunday, November 24, 2019

It’s possible that in a state where two bucks are legal that the second, bigger buck would have become a wall mount by now. You can see the thickness of the neck on the live deer making it pretty obvious what it is that the active rut does to a whitetail buck.

Congrats to this good hunter for taking a nice buck, laughing at the second one, and sharing his awesome video with the rest of us.

Now if we could only get the location of the one that walked away?

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