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The United States is one of the best countries in the world for hunting. For big game hunters, we have the highly sought-after whitetail deer, the long-antlered rocky mountain elk, the Yukon moose located in Alaska, and of course, several different subspecies of bear. For those that prefer bird hunting, the U.S. has nearly 30 species of ducks, and more than 20 species of upland birds.

While the U.S. provides some of the greatest hunting a sportsperson could ask for, there’s always a desire to explore new landscapes, pursue unfamiliar game, and learn the ways of hunting from different cultures. This often leads hunters to dream of hunts outside of our country’s borders.

With all of the different countries around the globe, which ones truly provide the best hunting? There are hundreds of places to consider, but just a few countries should be at the top of every hunter’s bucket list. Of course, hunting abroad undoubtedly comes with some expenses, so it’s important that to do research and make sure where you’re going is worth the trip. We asked a group of hunters who have been fortunate enough to hunt all over the world, and got their insight on which countries provided the hunting trip of a lifetime.

Here are their top 10 picks for the best hunting destinations in the world.

1. South Africa

countries for hunting

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Hunting in South Africa often comes with a lot of criticism and controversy, but it’s also responsible for a major part of the country’s economy. A recent report showed that hunting tourism brings in nearly $350 million annually to South Africa. 

Whether you’re hunting kudu, warthog, cape buffalo, or impalas, you’re in for the type of safari you would read from a Hemingway novel. After the hunt, expect to head back to a luxurious villa with great food and great people. Just keep in mind you’ll have a hefty taxidermy bill.

2. Tanzania

countries for hunting

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Tanzania is located on the eastern half of Africa and is known as one of the greatest hunting destinations on earth. If you’ve ever researched hunting big game in Africa, it’s likely you’ve read about the Selous Game Reserve, which is the largest game reserve in the world, and located in Tanzania. Here you’ll find trophy buffalo, gerenuk, and even lions.

3. New Zealand

Every hunter’s dream is to visit the island country of New Zealand during “the roar” and hunt rutting red stags. While not native to the country, stags were brought over from Scotland in the mid-1800s and, given the ecological layout of New Zealand, they now have one of the best stag populations in the world. Aim to travel during the early half of spring and you’ll be able to watch stags, fallow, and sika deer battle it out during the peak rut. The only thing standing between you and this incredible hunt is a 20 hour flight.

4. Canada

Our friends in the up north aren’t shy about the fact that they have some pretty incredible hunting. Rules and regulations have gotten a little more strict in recent years, but with some research and planning, you can hunt everything from massive Saskatchewan whitetails, huge Albert black bears, and even trophy Newfoundland moose.

5. Argentina

countries for hunting

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It would be hard to make a list of best hunting countries without including the mecca of wingshooting. The farm system as well as the established irrigation channels make Argentina the promised land for birds like doves and ducks. Several friends have described it as having “almost too many birds,” if there were ever such a thing. Not to mention, Argentina has a rich tradition of big game hunting, making this an easy choice for the top 10 list.

6. Sweden

countries for hunting

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Sweden is the ultimate sleeper destination for incredible hunting. Not many people realize it has the densest forests in all of Europe and has a rich hunting history. The scenery will be unlike any place you have ever hunted before, and the hunt itself will be just as great. Sweden works off a draw system, so you’ll need to apply for a tag, but the opportunities are endless for a big game hunter, with species such as fallow deer, moose, boar, and even reindeer.

7. Belarus

countries for hunting

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Belarus is known for being an extremely marshy country with a large variety of species to hunt. It is undoubtedly a very unique habitat, however, that’s one of the things that makes it such a special and enjoyable country to hunt. Whether you’re hunting elk, red deer, boar or wolf, Belarus offers an experience that can’t be often found.

8. Spain

Anyone who has hunted in Spain knows that it offers an extremely diverse habitat, which makes it a great place to target several different species. The Spain Ibex is likely the most popular and adventurous hunt. Known for inhabiting steep, shale mountains, this can be an extremely challenging hunt and one that is best done with an experienced guide.

If you’re an avid bird hunter, Spain is the home for the red-legged partridge, which is said to be one of the most challenging birds to hunt in the world. These birds are known to be extremely fast flyers with an irregular and random flight pattern, so make sure you knock the dust off your shotgun before you visit.

9. Australia

countries for hunting

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The hunting possibilities in Australia’s northern territory are endless, with incredible populations of water buffalo, ducks, crocodiles, feral boar, and several different deer species. Australia is known for being extremely dry and hot, so bring plenty of water and pack accordingly. What makes Australia such a unique place to hunt aside from its terrain is the amount of land in correlation to its rather low population. Competition won’t be an issue as there is plenty of land for every hunter.

10. Greenland

countries for hunting

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Greenland is the world’s largest island, which already hints at how great the hunting is. Known for their impressive wildlife management systems, this is a dream destination for most hunters. Greenland is best known for their muskox and caribou populations, but people have also been known to hunt arctic foxes.


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