Just when you thought Waypoint TV couldn’t get any better, they go and launch a podcast network. 

We’ve already lauded Waypoint TV for taking our favorite outdoor television shows and offering them up on their free streaming service, but this latest news has us even more excited.

Waypoint TV just announced the creation of their own podcast network, the Waypoint Outdoor Collective.

If you subscribe to the Waypoint Outdoor Collective, you’ll get a streamlined pathway to all the latest episodes as soon as they’re released, and have them all in one place.

Here’s the lineup so far:

Tom Rowland Podcast

Tom Rowland is known for finding super interesting stories in the outdoors and bringing them to life in his captivating podcast episodes. It’s filled with in-depth conversations with icons, chats with up and comers, and news from people doing amazing things in the outdoors.

Fish Strong

From the guys that created Salt Strong, the Fish Strong Fishing Entertainment podcast has some of the most engaging interviews with movers and shakers from the angling industry. The Salt Strong brothers make it fun and educational, and their podcast is satisfying the ears of fishermen and women from all walks.

Fowl Front Outdoors

Fowl Front Outdoors a made up of experienced hunters and conservationists devoted to recruiting and educating new waterfowl hunters and keeping those already among the ranks entertained. The podcast is produced for those looking to get into the outdoors and waterfowl hunting, but makes for a great source of info no matter how long you’ve been at it.

Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki

This podcast comes from “America’s Favorite Hunting Couple” and the stars of Archer’s Choice and The Choice, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. Their brand new podcast, Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki, is all about archery, hunting, and living the outdoor lifestyle to the fullest.

The outdoor community has soaked up these podcasts and it’s easier than ever for you to do it too. Any smart phone or connected device will get these great storytellers and industry influencers sent straight to your earbuds.

Go to WaypointTV.com/Podcast to follow along and subscribe.


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