Phones are still ringing, this is still THE topic I am hearing about the most.  So, I am blogging about it again today.  Spreading the news. . . .

Changes made to the fall trout stocking schedule

LINCOLN, Neb. – A change has been made to the fall stocking schedule of rainbow trout by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The scheduled stocking of the Niobrara State Park Pond (750 fish) for the week of Oct. 11 has been delayed and will take place the week of Oct. 18. Fort Kearny State Recreation Area No. 6 and Holdrege City Lake were partially stocked this week, but the majority of the stocking has been delayed until the week of Oct. 18.

David City Park Pond West (600), scheduled for the week of Oct. 18, now will be stocked the week of Oct. 25.

Louisville SRA Lake 1a (600) and Standing Bear Lake (2,000) in Omaha are new additions to the schedule, with both being stocked by the end of this week.

Stocking schedules can change on short notice for a variety of reasons. For more information on fish stocking, including the dates of other upcoming trout stockings, visit

Most of the changes there were simply because of logistics.  We have a bunch of trucks and personnel hauling a bunch of fish all over the state right now.  Sometimes schedules get adjusted.  Now you know about it.

Notice especially that we found some fish for STANDING BEAR, and some are heading to LOUISVILLE #1a as well.

If you want to know if your favorite waterbody has been stocked yet, check out the fish stocking database.  It is updated daily.

Again, judging from the calls, some of you really need to find a kid and take ’em fishing!  That is why these fish are stocked!  Enter them in the Take ‘Em Fishing Challenge while you are at it!


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