Ever wonder what happens if a bow goes off on your head? This guys finds out quickly that a compound bow is no joke.

Compound bows are powerful fine tuned machines and this is why you don’t put your head into one that is at full draw. Pretty sure this guy still has a headache.

Seems as if that would be an obvious statement, but this man’s attempt at flirting with a girl goes way south way quick. Dry firing your bow is dangerous, but dry firing it with your head… well, that is pretty dangerous too.

Houston, we have a problem. This is going to leave a mark.

Brace yourself, it looks painful.

Safe to say this girl was not impressed. After she had attempted to pull back the bow and was unable too, this dude steps in to show off his “strength.” Unfortunately he forgot to use one important factor… his brain.

And because of that decision his brain is now hurting very badly and we are laughing. A lot. Let’s hope he “exercises” better judgment next time.

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