Like many of you this time of year, I am counting the days. . . . No, silly, I am not counting the days until Christmas.  I am counting the days until the “New Year”.  But, remember, my “New Year” starts the minute I step on the ice for another season!


Right now it ain’t looking good.  I have seen nothing to lead me to believe we are going to be on the ice anytime soon.  WARNING:  I will get progressively grumpier the longer I have to wait.

So, what to do until then?  You know what I am going to do, FISH!  Yep, I have spent some time on the water in the past week; time during some gloriously beautiful late fall days by the way!  I have caught some fish, nothing big, so I have no particular photos to show you.  But, I can tell you that I have caught some monstrous fish from open water well into December.  If the weather stays nice, keep fishing open water.  Go big or go home, fish slow.  Hopefully, soon we will be looking down an ice hole!


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