Gotta be honest with you.   I am still “out of the office”, but still have not been on the ice.  It embarrasses and pains me to say that!  Actually, I have been on it a couple, three times, but have not found any safe enough to fish.  Now, I am fully aware that ice fishing is occurring in parts of our great state.  Just is, I have not been there, yet.  Oh, over the holidays I thought I would make it to parts farther north and west, places where there is safe ice.  And, I did, but then we had a little snow storm and the wind blew 45 for three straight days.

So, I have been grumbling more and more each day, and still waiting.


I guess some folks who do not ice fish like to sit around and make resolutions about this time of year.  I guess that is OK, if you want to do that.  A resolution now and then is probably a good thing.  But, why wait until the calendar says Jan. 1?  Why not just “Get-R-Done”, whatever it is, whenever?

Be it resolved that I WILL get on the ice and fish before spring arrives!

I believe this would be another good resolution. . . . Be it resolved. . .


And for those days of ice-fishing that hopefully lie just ahead of us. . . . Be it resolved to put the big panfish back down the hole!


I’m outta here, back to more regularly scheduled “programming” next week.

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