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On the Wing: The Best Wild Bird Hunting Lodges in New England


The Preserve at Boulder Hills

I have hunted wild birds in New England for nearly five decades – since my uncles introduced me to the experience when I was a young teen.  Over those decades has come the privilege to hunt in the region’s best conceived and realized lodges, from intimate facilities to grand, expansive domains.  Diverse in their designs and accommodations, all share a most important quality: they epitomize hunting in New England, in all its unique, pristine, timeless beauty.

Here, in brief review, are my choices some of the best of the best.

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The Best Gentleman’s Knives


The Best Gentleman's Knives

They have been carried for centuries. Their designs qualify as functional art. They have been built into walking sticks, spring-loaded beneath the barrels of pistols and derringers, carried in silk-lined pockets of elegant, bespoke jackets. They are put to myriad utilitarian purposes. They even save lives.

Today, the gentleman’s knife may be discovered in a virtually unlimited array of designs, many of which push the science of ergonomics to new heights, a handful of which qualify as artistic masterpieces.

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The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors

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The Preserve Academy
The Preserve Academy, located at The Sporting Shoppe & Range at The Preserve, offers a wide curriculum of firearms safety and tactical training classes taught by NRA Certified Instructors.

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