A few weeks ago I suggested there were a lot of really good reasons to take someone hunting or fishing, Take ‘Em.  Our Take ‘Em Hunting and Take ‘Em Fishing promotions offer prizes for those who take someone new hunting or fishing.  Prizes are a good reason.

But it is a lot more than that.

That was the point of my Take ‘Em blog.

A few days after posting that blog, I was reminded of some other good reasons to find someone new and take ’em hunting or fishing.  Independently, within a three day period, I got messages from three of my nephews.  Two of them had their boys out fishing, and of course they had fish pictures to show me!  (I never tire of looking at fish pictures!)



Hey, I think I know where those fish were caught!  Pretty sure I took my nephews there.  Now they are taking their kids!

A third nephew was fishing a little further west, and fishing a little more seriously.  He took his wife.  They caught a monster!


As a matter of fact, that rainbow would have been a new state record in the state in which they were fishing.  Don’t make no difference, it was released.

Come to think of it, all of the fish in this blog post were released.  Imagine that, those boys were taught catch and release when they were kids, and now they are passing that along too!

I learned from both grandpas, grandmas, uncles, and Dad.  Do not know if my kids or nephews and nieces learned anything from me, but it looks like they are passing it along to another generation.  You can start those traditions too.  In fact, you need to do that, take ’em!

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