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Kayak Camping: How to Pack Your Yak for an Overnight Trip

Travis Smola
Kayak Camping

Here’s what you need to know for a kayak camping trip. Kayaking is a great way to spend a day on the water during the summer months. But you know what’s better? A kayak camping trip! An overnight kayak paddling trip is much different than just a day trip down the river, but a little preparation makes the experience

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11 Uncommon Uses For Aluminum Foil

In a crisis, you make the most out of everything you have. This means that you might need to get a little creative. Now things like paracord and duct tape have some fairly obvious “other than intended” uses… but other items may require a little more critical thinking….But the more you know now, the better off you’ll be…Continue Reading

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Tactical Pens: They “Ain’t” Just For Writing

When the conversation of tactical pens is brought up, there tends to be a debate from the onset of the discussion. There are those that see a tactical pen as a valid everyday carry (EDC) and then there are others that will laugh at the idea. The latter will argue that they carry blades and…Continue Reading

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[Gear Review] Minimalist Footwear…an Ultralight Essential?

As a young United States Marine, training in combat and jungle boots wasn’t just routine, It was an order! When it came time for standard PT (Physical Training) we were able to slip on a more comfortable pair of go-fasters (standard running shoes) that had a padded heel and soles that incorporated shock-absorbing gel. With…Continue Reading

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Should You Add a Gas Mask to Your Survival Kit?

My first experience with a gas mask was on Parris Island, when I entered United States Marine Corps boot camp. We had gone through various classes on how to operate our gas masks and were properly fitted before we were issued our personal mask. We also received instruction on other issued gear in order to…Continue Reading

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Go-Bag Guns | Getting Your Guns In Order When SHTF

A well-prepared go-bag load-out ideally includes some type of hunting and self defense firearm.  Why a firearm?  There are surely plenty of other options when it comes to self defense and hunting.  While this is partly true, firearms can be arguably more powerful for their weight and size and have the added use of being…Continue Reading

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Wilderness Emergency Medicine | In-The-Field First Aid In A Pinch

It is difficult to characterize the importance of knowing first aid protocol. It’s like knowing how to run emergency auto repairs – except instead of cars and motorcycles, you’re working on human bodies. Potentially the bodies of your friends and family and perhaps even yourself. And since we are constantly piloting our bodies, understanding how…Continue Reading

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Learn How To Create Your Own Survival Kit

Have you ever given the thought that you should learn how to create your own survival kit? If you or knew someone who has been in a disaster or an emergency you most likely have done so. Create Your Own Survival Kit And Live To Tell The Tale But as every survival enthusiast knows that…Continue Reading

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15 Important Survival Kit Items You Need To Prepare

Do you know what would be the important items in your survival kit? If you don’t, not to worry, most people ask themselves the same question. Survival Kit Essentials You Just Can’t Live Without There are factors to consider before you come up with bits and pieces in your survival kit. You would want to…Continue Reading

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