Think & Drink Pink – For Summer & Beyond


The Savory Grape

Rosé wines have been the fastest growing segment of wine in the past five years, often surpassing the consumption of white wines during warm, summer months! Rightfully so – rosé wines are perfect food partners for fresh grilled seafood and lighter summer dishes, as well as backyard gatherings, even if during this time our gatherings are small or consist of only one person, yourself!

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Spring & Spirit

To spring into the season with vermouth, the beautifully hued, wine-based refreshment, is a great choice during this month. A glistening white or luscious red color, vermouth has always taken second position to whiskey, gin or vodka in famous cocktails like Manhattans, Negronis, and Martinis. But this beauty is now in first position, standing on its own, and rightfully so!

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