By Charles R. Drago, Editor

Right now I’m expected to tell you how “excited” I am to introduce Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle Magazine (OEL), the new, innovative Internet periodical dedicated to exploring – and, where appropriate, editorially opining on – all things of interest to the global community succinctly described in its title.

You’re waiting for me to explain how OEL is designed to combine important original work by some of the most celebrated and gifted of outdoor-oriented writers with a a fair use overview of similarly themed current and historical pieces. Ours is an omnibus site of sorts, a one-stop destination that will direct readers’ attention to the Internet’s most worthy on-topic material.

I’m supposed to boast about what I term OEL’s “differentiators” – sections devoted to reviews of outdoor lifestyle-focused fine and performing arts, fine dining, and home and interior design that bring the great outdoors into “the great indoors” – that in the aggregate separate us, in terms of creativity, insight, and enlightened opinion, from the pack.

You also expect me to express assurances that OEL will devote full coverage to relatively traditional areas of keen interest to outdoor enthusiasts – hunting, shooting, fishing, boating, camping, high adventure in the wilderness, survival, gear for all outdoor activities including golf, tennis, skiing, and so much more.

And then I’m obliged to tell you that OEL’s founder and publisher has spent a lifetime engaging in all of those activities while building businesses that directly and indirectly serve the best interests of outdoor enthusiasts of all backgrounds and specific interests.

Alas, I’d simply prefer to welcome you to our cyber pages and solicit your editorial contributions and your reactions to our work.

Like me, you’re in this from Day One. Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle Magazine is ours to shape and maintain. And so it begins.

Warmest wishes to all!