New KVD MEGA Dawg from Strike King

When the Strike King pros came to us asking for a new topwater, we told them that it was up to them to make it perfect. Through much testing and design, the finished product got the stamp of approval from the man himself, Kevin VanDam. The Sexy Dawg was born and has fast become a favorite of our pros and bass anglers everywhere due to it’s incredible walking action and unique sound. After a year of employing it to pursue big bass all across the country, KVD approached our design team with a new concept. One that would make the Sexy Dawg a better target for the biggest fish. That concept has become reality in the all-new KVD Mega Dawg!

“If I’ve learned anything in my time on tour it’s that big bass prefer to eat a big meal. They expend the same energy to eat a small meal as a big one, and a predator like a giant largemouth knows how to maximize their energy. The Mega Dawg perfectly mimics the big, wounded prey that giant bass can’t resist,” says 25-time event winner Kevin VanDam. “The Mega Dawg’s size makes it cast great, it walks wide and it’s loud. It is basically designed to appeal to the senses that make a big bass mess up. If you want to catch the biggest bass where you fish, show em’ the Mega Dawg!” KVD adds.

The all-new KVD Mega Dawg is 6” in length and weighs in at 2 oz. It comes in 10 whopper-fooling finishes. It retails for around $14.99 and will be available at better fishing tackle retailers everywhere.

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