trespass on the wrong farmer's property

Never mess with a farmer or his land.

These anti-hunting trespassing saboteurs picked the wrong person to fight with.

Watch the video below:

Shocking footage shows a raging farmer mow down a hunt saboteur with his quad bike – while screaming “get off my land”.Violence erupted when members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs filmed the Atherstone Hunt on Saturday (14/10) afternoon.The farmer, dressed in green John Deere overalls, drives a quad bike up to three men and shouts at them to “get off my land”.He then jumps off the bike before pushing one of the sabs into a ditch before turning on the other two protesters.

Posted by The London Economic on Monday, October 16, 2017

Farmers spend a whole lifetime taking care of their land and crops. Partnering up with hunters, they’re able to remove crops and land-destroying pests, making for an economical and ethical partnership.

When these anti-hunting trespassers decided to show up on a video shared by The London Economic, the scene turned chaotic. The farmer tells them to leave, but they refuse. Once again, never fight with a farmer, especially on his own land.

More and more anti-hunters are brazenly calling hunters and land owners out. These trespassers break laws and try to end hunts in any way they can. Stand up to these misled followers. Our hats are off to this farmer who was tired of these whiny little wannabe bullies.

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