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Swordfish With Salsa

As seen on The Preserve's You Tube Channel Swordfish with salsa 6 ounce fresh swordfish steak Grill to completion In a separate bowl, combine: Diced cantaloupe 1 cup Sliced cucumber 1 cup ½ of a lime of juice 1 sprig tarragon 1 sprig cilantro 3 tbs of extra virgin...

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Mushroom hunting through 2019 prepared us for a huge 2020

In Spring of 2019, we taught many classes, giving new insights to those who have done some mushroom hunting already while helping plenty of new people get their foot in the door, whether through public or private classes. We also restructured and streamlined the entire system of our equipment, for travel, camping, cooking demonstrations and presentations. We installed a roof rack on our van to make some extra space for it all. This overhaul was our April project, in preparation for spending most of May on a road trip.

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Matsutake Heaven

Even among the lucky Americans who know about edible wild mushrooms, there are few who know that the season continues after October. From our explorations over the years, Emily and I have learned to simply add an extra layer of clothing to keep going and keep looking. Because, while the first morning of frost may signal the end for some species, it signals the beginning for others. There are mushrooms that thrive only in the low temperatures of late fall.

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Good To-Go Donates 900 Dehydrated Meals to Food Banks in #DoBetter Campaign

Good To-Go, the camping and backpacking meal company, has stepped up to help food banks across the nation. There was no better time than the present for our favorite dehydrated meal company, Good To-Go, to initiate yet another donation project, which concluded with 900 donated meals to food banks in April of 2020. The COVID-19

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Spring & Spirit

To spring into the season with vermouth, the beautifully hued, wine-based refreshment, is a great choice during this month. A glistening white or luscious red color, vermouth has always taken second position to whiskey, gin or vodka in famous cocktails like Manhattans, Negronis, and Martinis. But this beauty is now in first position, standing on its own, and rightfully so!

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