APALS are All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

APALS are All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips, compact lights which can be critically important in a variety of outdoor situations. Used for lighting your tent, marking a trail, illuminating your space without attracting attention or for calling in rescuers when things get tough, APALS are a must have for anyone who ventures past the front door.

  1. APALS provide low cost, waterproof, virtually indestructible, long lasting light for a variety of situations, be they military, law enforcement, big game hunting, fishing inshore or off, emergency or purely recreational. They take up very little room in a day pack or hunting vest and can be affixed wet or dry to trees, tree stands, boat hulls, clothing, hats, even the back of your gun safe.
  2. APALS measure just one inch by two inches, have three settings, one fast and one slow blinking as well as constant light and come in five colors. Their strong adhesive won’t slide, their batteries have an estimated life of 200 hours, they’re waterproof to 200 feet and can be seen for up to one mile. They’re the wingman you need when dusk descends and you need to mark a trail or have a small shot of light to change herring pattern flies in your kayak as thirty pound stripers move in to feed.
  3. APALS can be seen rescue planes or search teams working on foot. The reflective material provides a mirror effect for signalling. If you’re hiding from a freezing rainstorm, your canoe is lodged in a thorny tangle of downed alders or you’re injured and can’t hike back to deer camp, a few APALS positioned on tree limbs or a piece of open field will increase your chances of being seen may just save your life.
  4. APALS can be positioned on bicycles for night time peddling, on paddle boards for regulation compliance and inside kayak cockpits. For the everyday handyman, they provide essential light for tool and tackle boxes, atv frames and cavernous adventure travel bags. Place them on backpacks of your hiking or hunting partners to help stay close in dense brush or thick stands of Rocky Mountain Fir.
  5. APALS are possibly the coolest invention you’ll ever find. When weight and space need to be at an absolute minimum, when everything you own might unexpectedly get soaked, when you need a pinpoint of light without giving up your location or when things go sideways and you need to be seen now, they’ll help you field dress that elk, land a late season striper or just get you home.


You can find APALS at online retailers or at www.brite-strike.com